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We understand that the buzz that Biomanix has created over the past few months have generated questions that many of you would like to ask before making a purchase of Biomanix. Truth be told, most of the answers could be found by simply making a quick Google search, but for your convenience, we have compiled the most common questions that we get asked about Biomanix.

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Definitely. The people behind Biomanix made sure that the pill is safe to take by ensuring top-quality ingredients. The compounds that make up a pill of Biomanix is tested for safety before distribution, and the potency of the pill is always within the threshold of what the body can process. Biomanix does not interfere with other pills, although you might want to check with your physician if you want to take Biomanix especially when you have a chronic illness or serious disease. Generally, Biomanix is safe to take, and to date, we have not received any report that points to a side effect of Biomanix that has affected its users.

Definitely not. Biomanix is all about transparency. You can visit the website at All the information presented on their website can be clearly traced back to its source with a simple Google search. Scams are never a part of a product as successful as Biomanix. The acclaim that Biomanix achieved in just a short span of time is an indication that the product is incredibly effective and many users trust the source of the product.

You can expect an almost-immediate reaction to your libido after the first dose. The fast-acting ingredients of Biomanix gets absorbed easily by your system and in just minutes, your body would react to the libido-boosting ingredients that Biomanix contains. This also, in effect, improves your sexual endurance. By taking Biomanix regularly, you can also expect a significant increase in penis size, that ranges between half an inch to a full 3-inch growth in just a span of months.

The billing company on your credit card statement should be the least of your worries when conducting a transaction with Biomanix. Purchases on their website would appear as discreet billing companies that does not provide a clue about the purchase that you made. Also, Biomanix comes in a discreet package which also protects your privacy and discretion.

To compare the two are like comparing apples to oranges, but with an obvious choice. Viagra is an expensive erectile dysfunction drug that guarantees that you would enjoy a firm erection, but it requires a prescription, and it does not have penis enlargement properties. Biomanix, on the other hand, can also potentiate erections just like Viagra, thanks to its PDE-5 properties, which is similar to the properties of the active ingredient of Viagra. Biomanix does not require a prescription, and it enhances your libido and the real difference is the potential of Biomanix to make your penis bigger. As you see, it may be comparing apples to oranges, but Biomanix is the juicier, tastier, and more affordable choice between the two.

Yes, they do. As a testament to how confident Biomanix is with its effectiveness, the makers of Biomanix offers a money-back guarantee on all purchases made through their website. In the off-chance that Biomanix would fail to meet your expectations, you can simply place a call to their customer care crew and ask for a refund. Unlike other penis pill companies that would make you jump through hoops just to get a refund, Biomanix handles refunds with professionalism and takes it as an opportunity to learn about the preferences of their customers.

Yes. Absolutely. Biomanix has a full page of information on their website at that explains why and how Biomanix helps to increase penis size. But for the sake of convenience, here’s a summary of how Biomanix is able to make your penis bigger - Biomanix contains vasodilators, which dilate blood vessels to improve circulation. All the volume of blood that goes freely due to the improved circulation are directed to the penis thanks to the aphrodisiac agents that Biomanix contains. Over time, the tissues in your penile chambers adapt to the improved circulation, which prompts them to expand permanently, resulting in an increase in length and girth of your penis.

Yes – in two ways. At times, Biomanix releases special purchase codes that give you discounts on your purchase. You can also purchase Biomanix in Bulk for even more savings.

With Biomanix, your sex life will never be the same again.

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